Need a website?
Well, let’s plan one! I can search available domain names for you and discuss your options regarding hosting. If you like, I can host your domain with email addresses as needed. Information, images, videos, any material you have to be displayed will be collected and arranged in an intuitive manner, keeping the site as simple to navigate as possible for your visitors. Analytics code will be installed to track and review visitor activity. I will also research free listings, where inbound links can help drive traffic to your site.

Already have a website?
If you have analytics code installed, I will review existing insights and check to see where improvements might be made. If they are not yet in place, I will install analytics and monitor for 2-3 weeks. Next, I will optimize your site to make it as easy as possible for search engines to properly position your website in results. While we’re at it, let’s make sure your Google Places page has been claimed, and update with as much information as possible, as well. You'll receive weekly analytics reports delivered to your email address.

Google Adwords Campaign
Jumpstart your visibility in search results with an Adwords Campaign. This Pay-Per-Click program allows you to set your monthly budget. Pay only when your ads are clicked; choose your target audience, geographical area and keywords.
Facebook Presence
A Facebook Page will be generated and linked to your website. This will make it very easy for you to communicate and interact with interested clients regularly; send them updates, share special offers, pictures, videos, etc. A Facebook Like box will also be installed on the pages of your website, so those visitors can connect directly from your website.

Twitter Account
Whether you are new to Twitter, or have been using it now for a while, an account just for your business is important. Emails, special/timely Twitter-exclusive offers, photos and more can be shared with followers very quickly and easily. If they’re not monitoring their Facebook page, you’ll catch them here!

YouTube Channel
You may have noticed - videos get noticed! Photos are nice, but brief videos explaining your product/services are the next best thing to being there. Everyone online enjoys watching smart, thorough, informational, funny or even sexy videos. Let’s put your best on a YouTube Channel and link to and from your website, as well.

Claim your business on Foursquare and reward users for visiting your business with frequency deals. This may not be for everyone; but can be very beneficial for others. Let’s talk about it!

Is your business listed with complete and accurate information? Connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn can be very rewarding; let’s examine how we can put this to use for you.
An email marketing account will be setup, and a subscription form generated. This form page on your website will also be integrated with your Facebook page, to allow your Facebook fans to sign up for exclusive email offers and updates directly from your FB page. Once they subscribe, you’ll be able to reach out and tap them on the shoulder whenever you have some good news to share with them. You can create the emails on your own, or I can do it for you...up to twice each month. And if it’s appropriate, when the email sends it will automatically be Tweeted and posted to your Facebook page, too!

QR Codes
Not sure what these are and what they do? QR stands for Quick Response, and allows smart phone users to interact with your signs, ads, business cards, web postings, promotional items - even temporary tattoos! Use them wherever they can be scanned with a smart phone. I can develop a code that will:
  • send them to your website
  • send them to a standalone landing page with a special coupon/promotion
  • share all your contact information in a vCard
  • allow them to send you an email or text message
  • send them to Like your Facebook Page, or interact with other social media including Twitter, LinkedIn or Foursquare
  • have them watch a video
There are many handy functions these little codes can perform! Unique codes can help track response to your campaigns, as well, and tell you how many phones have scanned them, what types of phones and from what area. It’s nice to know when things are working for you, isn’t it!

Promotional Video
Let’s produce a brief, captivating promotional HD video, showcasing your business and featuring its most photogenic offerings. No more than 90 minutes long, with your website and contact information effectively presented. Two hours of shoot time, editing, uploading to your YouTube Channel and saving to DVD are included. This video will be featured on your website. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the value of a video is immeasurable!

Design and Print
Need some new business cards, maybe a newspaper or magazine ad? Perhaps a coupon, banner, form...or even a billboard design? With a complete monthly package, I will include the design of one creative for you each month.

Why should you be required to continue a plan
that's not quite benefiting you as it should?
Internet marketing does not give instant results and does require some time to bake, so to speak, so I do expect you to give your new marketing efforts at least 3 months. During that time, you will receive weekly analytics reports via email to make it easy to evaluate progress. If, after that time, the results show little improvement we can revisit and tweak your plan, or simply unplug altogether.

Generally, small business owners are unable to afford
$6,000 to $8,000 for a full-time Marketing Director.
Besides, one wouldn't be needed full-time...
perhaps only a few hours per week.
Wouldn't it be nice to have the same marketing experience
and help at your disposal for just $200 per month?

Campaign Elements
Included in Complete Monthly Package
Website Development (One-Time Fee)



Install Analytics & Optimize (Existing Website)


Social Media Integration

$25 per platform

Google Adwords Campaign
Setup & Management

$25 Setup
+ Monthly Budget Amount

$50 Setup
+ Monthly Budget Amount


$25 Setup
(Up to 2 eblasts per month)

$50 One-Time Setup
$20 per Eblast

QR Codes

(One code per month)

$10 per code

Design For Print

(One creative per month)

$50 per hour
Most designs are completed in less than 2 hours
(Does not include over-sized media such as banners or billboards)

HD Video

Includes 2 hour shoot, editing,
upload to YouTube Channel and DVD copy

Includes 2 hour shoot, editing,
upload to YouTube Channel and DVD copy

Complete Monthly Marketing Package

Includes analytics installation & optimization, weekly analytics reports,
social media integration, QR codes, reduced setup rate for emarketing
with up to two eblasts per month, one design item per month,
and unlimited phone consultations to discuss ideas and opportunities.

$200 per month